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Cialis Medicine

Cialis is the first choice medicine for male patients with diagnosed erectile dysfunction. This medicine is approved for treatment of BPH (enlarged prostate gland) and erectile disorders. Unlike other sex drugs, Cialis lasts for about 36 hours ensuring erection hard enough for a due sexual intercourse.

What Is Cialis?

Cialis comes in pills of various dosages. A one-time dosage should be prescribed by your doctor considering your symptoms and the response of your body. Cialis comes in dosages of 2,5mg, 5mg, 10mg and 20mg. The dosages of 2,5mg and 5mg are for daily use, while large dosages of Cialis (10 and 20mg) are taken as needed.

Cialis is a safe medication with almost none side effects and adverse reactions. Cialis does not develop addiction. It is a first line medication for treatment of erectile sexual disorders. Cialis can be used for long term treatment.

Cialis does not cure the cause of the erectile disorder. If the reason of sexual dysfunction is enlarged prostate gland then Cialis will produce a desired effect and will normalize the gland and will ensure normal erection while your body will renovate the ability to develop and hold erection. If you do not know what has caused erectile dysfunction in your case, then you need to get your body checked and tested as erectile disorders may be caused by various diseases which are not related to the urogenital system.

Patients always question Viagra vs. Cialis efficiency. These two medications feature different mechanisms of action. Viagra is the first aid medication to restore erectile ability and will help only for a rather limited and short period of time. Commonly patients report that Viagra effect lasts for only 4 hours. After that period of time a patient loses an ability to develop erection and needs another pill to enjoy another sexual intercourse. Cialis online reviews prove that this sex drug lasts for about 24-36 hours. It is often prescribed for daily use and is taken every day at a certain time. Thus a patient gets enough of medicine support to be able to develop erection at any moment when a sexual intercourse is desired. Cialis for daily use is much more efficient and convenient to take as a patient should not care about pill intake right before sexual intercourse to get proper erection.

Cialis for use as needed is also more effective than Viagra as the medicine starts working in the body right after it gets in the mouth. Patients report that a hard erection is achieved in 25-30 minutes after taking a proper dosage of the drug, unlike Viagra which needs up to an hour to start working in the body.

What Is Generic Cialis?

Cialis is a drug with Tadalafil as its key active ingredient. Generic Cialis is the same effective drug which has the same active ingredient and comes in the same dosages on the market but is produced and marketed by another pharmaceutical company and under another brand name. If you buy generic Cialis, you will get the same effective drug and will sufficiently save costs. Questioning Viagra vs. Cialis efficiency we guarantee that you will like generic Cialis as it works in the same way as the original pills do.

How To Buy Cialis?

Before you will look for Cialis online you are recommended to visit your sex therapist and to find out what is the best medicine for you. Choosing Viagra vs Cialis you will benefit from Cialis more. Cialis online is much cheaper than Viagra. Besides you get a chance to find Cialis coupon discounts and to get Cialis free trial pills.

These trial pills are the best way to find out whether a lower or larger dosage is right for you, to try generic Cialis and to compare Viagra vs. Cialis.

We recommend buying Cialis online as this way helps you to save costs and to get original high quality and high efficiency drug with less efforts.

Besides ordering Cialis online you avoid major embarrassment to communicate with people telling them about your problem (pharmacist in your local drug store, your doctor and medical staff in the clinic).

We offer Cialis coupon discounts, the lowest prices and the best quality drugs for you. You will get Cialis free trial pills with every your order. Quality of the Cialis medicine and your erection is guaranteed!